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 SECTION I.   The name of the organization shall be LYON COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE, hereinafter referred to as the LCRCC.


 SECTION II.  This shall be a nonprofit organization.  All gender-specific references in these bylaws shall be construed to apply to either sex. 



 SECTION I.   The general objective of the LCRCC shall be the election of Republican candidates for public office in partisan elections and of registered Republicans seeking non-partisan office.

 SECTION II.  The specific objectives of the LCRCC shall be:

 A.  to maintain the Republican party presence and voice in public policy in Lyon County between Lyon County Republican party conventions;

B.  to identify, recruit and support strong, qualified candidates to run as Republicans by raising adequate funds for campaigns and providing an effective campaign organization; and,

C. to support Republicans currently holding public office.   



 SECTION I.   Initial Organization

A.     The LCRCC shall be reconstituted in each election year by the Lyon County Republican Convention.  Central Committee members are nominated at precinct meetings and are certified and elected at the county convention per Nevada Republican Central Committee (NRCC) Bylaws Article 12, Section 4, and Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), Title 24, Chapter 293.143.  Where a vacancy remains following the precinct meetings but prior to the convention, persons may nominate themselves for central committee membership pursuant to NRCC Bylaws Article 12, Section 4. 

B.  Initial membership shall be allocated to each precinct proportional to the number of registered Republican voters therein, but each precinct shall have at least one member and no precinct shall have more members than its authorized number of delegates to the county convention.

C.  The number of members allocated to each precinct may be changed by the LCRCC at any time after the county convention to reflect changes in the number of registered voters therein as new voter registration data become available.               

SECTION II.  New Members

 A.  Any registered Republican voter in Lyon County is eligible for membership in the LCRCC and may be elected by the Lyon County Republican Convention or by the LCRCC during the period between county conventions (the “interim period”).

B.  Members of the LCRCC must physically reside in the precinct he or she represents.  To qualify for election, prospective members must first attend three of the previous five consecutive regular meetings of the committee.

  C.  Members elected at the Lyon County Republican Convention shall serve for a term of two years.  Members elected during the interim period shall serve until the next Lyon County Republican Convention.

D. The president or chairman of the Lyon County Republican Women, Fernley Republican Women and any other nationally recognized Republican organizations active within Lyon County shall each be entitled to membership in the LCRCC. 

E.  Republicans elected to county or state office in partisan elections or appointed to such positions and residing in Lyon County shall have voting privileges on the LCRCC, but shall not be counted as part of a quorum necessary to conduct business.  These members shall be notified of meetings in the same manner as regular members.

F.  When all allocated precinct member positions are filled, associate members may be elected to the LCRCC from that precinct.  Associate members have all the rights and privileges of a member EXCEPT the right to vote and the right to hold elected office in the LCRCC.

G.  LCRCC members shall be responsible for advising the secretary of their correct mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address.


SECTION III.  Membership Termination and Replacement

A. The LCRCC or its Executive Committee may remove at their absolute discretion any individual from membership in its respective body upon such member’s resignation, inability to serve, unexcused absences from three of five consecutive properly noticed meetings, disaffiliation with the Republican party, or any other reason consistent with NRS 293.157. 

B.  During an election campaign, any committee member who publicly supports any opposition party candidate may be removed from membership upon review of the Executive Committee.

C.  The LCRCC may replace a Lyon County member of NRCC for failure to attend NRCC meetings.

D.  Any vacancies created pursuant to provisions A-C, above, shall be filled by vote of the LCRCC from the eligible associate member pool.

 SECTION IV.  Vacancies

All vacancies in officer positions and representation on the NRCC shall be filled by vote of the LCRCC.  Nominations to fill vacant positions shall be made at the next LCRCC meeting following the occurrence of the vacancy with an election to be held at the next LCRCC meeting thereafter.  All vacancies shall be filled in accordance with requirements of NRS 293.157.


 SECTION I.   Nominating Committee


In October of even-numbered years, the chairman of the LCRCC shall appoint a committee to present a slate of candidates for LCRCC officers and as many representatives from Lyon County to the NRCC as allotted.

 SECTION II.  Election of Officers


Election of officers of the LCRCC shall be held at the January meeting of every odd-numbered year.  Newly elected officers shall assume their duties immediately following the January meeting.  The election of officers shall be by ballot if contested, otherwise a voice vote will suffice.

SECTION III.   Terms of Office 

The term of office for those elected in accordance with Section II above is two years.



 SECTION I.   Overall Responsibility


The LCRCC shall be charged with the responsibility for the management of the Republican Party of Nevada within Lyon County.


SECTION II.  Executive Committee

 A.         The Executive Committee shall consist of the following members:  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and the most immediately available past chairman.

B.  The Executive Committee shall have the authority to transact any necessary business between meetings of the LCRCC or when a quorum to conduct business is not present at a regular monthly meeting.

C.  The Executive Committee may make recommendations regarding business decisions of the LCRCC and advise the Chairman accordingly.  Any action taken by the Executive Committee shall be reported to the LCRCC at its next regular monthly meeting.

SECTION III.             Officers


The following officers of the LCRCC shall be elected pursuant to Article 4, and their duties are described as follows:

 A.  Chairman:  The Chairman shall preside at all meetings and be responsible for general supervision of the LCRCC and its Executive Committee.  The Chairman shall appoint the chairmen and members of the standing committees and any special committees as may be required.  The Chairman shall be entitled to membership on the NRCC.

B.  Vice Chairman:  The Vice Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman in the latter’s absence, and shall be responsible for developing and maintaining a Republican Party presence in every precinct in the county.  The Vice Chairman shall be entitled to membership on the NRCC.

C.  Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings, provide notice of upcoming meetings and events to all members, and maintain all non-financial records of the LCRCC. The Secretary shall provide copies of current LCRCC bylaws and membership roster to all members of the LCRCC.

D.  Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall receive and maintain all LCRCC funds in an appropriate bank account, and shall pay all bills promptly upon proper authorization.  The Treasurer shall maintain a transparent system of accounting of all funds received and disbursed, and shall provide a report of such funds received and disbursed at each regular LCRCC meeting.  The Treasurer shall also file with the Secretary of State all necessary reports of contributions and expenditures in accordance with NRS 294A.  The Treasurer shall serve as an ex office member of the Finance Committee.



SECTION I.   Frequency

The LCRCC shall meet monthly except when conflicts arise with the schedule.

SECTION II.   Meeting Notice

 The Secretary shall provide written notice of all regular LCRCC meetings at least five days in advance of each such meeting.  Meeting notice shall be provided by e-mail unless a member requests that such notice be made by U.S. Postal Service. 

SECTION III.  Special Meetings

Special meetings of the LCRCC or its Executive Committee may be held upon call of the Chairman or upon written request of three members of the Executive Committee delivered to the Secretary and Chairman. 

SECTION IV.  Public Meetings 

All meetings of the LCRCC shall be open to the public unless an executive session is called at the discretion of the Chairman or presiding officer or by majority vote of members present. 

SECTION V.  Voting Procedure  

All members shall be entitled to vote on all questions coming before the LCRCC for consideration, except associate members, who are non-voting, and the Chairman who may vote only in order to break a tie vote.  

SECTION VI.  Quorum 

A quorum for meetings of the LCRCC shall be 10 members.  A quorum for meetings of the Executive Committee shall be three members of that committee, provided all members have been notified. 

SECTION VII.  Meeting Rules  

Unless otherwise provided for in these bylaws, the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, in print for at least two years, shall govern all proceedings of the LCRCC. 

SECTION VIII.  Superseding Authority 

These bylaws are intended to be consistent with the provisions of NRS 293 and 294 and with the bylaws of the NRCC.  In the event of a conflict, the applicable statute or party bylaws shall prevail. 


SECTION I.  Statutory Authority 

Pursuant to NRS 293.130, a Lyon County Republican Convention (the county convention) shall be held in each general election year at the county seat (Yerington) or at such location as may be designated by the LCRCC. 

SECTION II.  Delegates and Alternates 

Delegates and alternates to the county convention shall be elected at precinct meetings of registered Republican voters held pursuant to NRS 293.135 and 293.137 in each general election year.  Each precinct shall be entitled to elect as many delegates and alternates as authorized by NRS 293.133, unless the LCRCC adopts an alternative formula as provided for under SB 573, adopted by the 2007 Legislature.  Each individual elected as delegate or alternate to the county convention must be qualified to serve as specified in NRS 293.155. 


            1.  Call to order by County Chairman

            2.  Election of temporary Convention Chairman

            3.  Appointment of temporary Convention Secretary

            4.  Approval of Credentials Committee Appointment

            5.  Approval of any special Convention committee Appointments

            6.  Report of Credentials Committee

            7.  Ratification of Credentials Committee report and Roll Call of delegates by precinct

            8.  Nomination and election of permanent Convention Chairman

            9.  Appointment of permanent Convention Secretary

            10.  Ratification of bylaws 

            11.  Determine the number of members to serve on Central Committee for ensuing two year period

            12.  Approval of the following committee:

                        a)  Platform and Resolutions

                        b)  Rules

                        c)  Nominating

                              1.  Central Committee members

                              2.  Delegates to State Convention

            13.  Keynote Speaker

            14.  Report of County Chairman

            15.  Report of County Treasurer

            16.  Reports by Chairmen of standing committees and Central Committee

            17.  Reports of any special committees having been appointed by the Convention Chairman

            18.  Consideration of old business

            19.  Consideration of new business

                        a)  Adoption of Platform

                        b)  Adoption of Resolutions

                        c)  Report from the Nominating Committee

            20.  Nomination and election of members to the Lyon County Republican Central Committee

            21.  Nomination and election of delegates and alternate delegates to the Nevada State Republican Convention

            22.  Adjournment by convention chairman 


SECTION I.   The following standing committees are authorized: 

A.    Finance:  This committee is responsible for development of the annual budget, which shall be adopted by the LCRCC at its December meeting, and distribution of campaign contributions in accordance with the “Campaign Contributions Criteria” attached hereto and incorporated as part of these bylaws with no more than 60% of budgeted LCRCC funds going to state Senate and Assembly candidates and 40% of budgeted LCRCC funds going to county/multi-jurisdictional office candidates. Maximum dollar amounts will go to candidates who meet most, if not all, of the specified criteria and lesser amounts will go to candidates who meet none or just a few of the criteria with specific allocations recommended by the Finance Committee following the primary election, and presented to the LCRCC for approval.  

B.  Membership and Candidate Recruitment:  This committee shall identify and recommend potential Republican candidates for the following public offices in Lyon County:  member of the county commission, any county office filled by partisan election, and any member of the Nevada Legislature to be elected from a district including any part or all of Lyon County.  This committee shall also be responsible for recruiting new members of the LCRCC during interim periods as defined in Article 3, Section IIA.

C.  Special Events:  This committee shall identify, promote, and coordinate public Republican Party functions within Lyon County including, but not limited to, fundraising events to ensure money is available for the operation of the LCRCC and support of Republican candidates for office in Lyon County. Subcommittees will be appointed for these functions which may include booths at county events, a golf tournament, the annual Lincoln Day Dinner, etc. by the Special Events Committee chairman.

D.  Publicity and Public Relations:  This committee shall organize Republican Party publicity and public relations efforts within Lyon County, and shall coordinate such efforts as required with the NRCC and the campaigns of Republican candidates for offices to be voted for by the electorate of Lyon County.

E.  Voter Registration:  This committee shall be responsible for maintaining records of all registered Republican voters in Lyon County and aggressively identifying new Republican voters from the ranks of new arrivals to the county, new voters coming of age by the next general election, and current voters changing affiliation from other parties or no party preference.

F.  Bylaws:  This committee shall maintain a copy of the current bylaws of the LCRCC.  The committee may revise, edit, or amend the bylaws as needed at any time and must ensure that any bylaws changes are ratified at the next Lyon County Republican Convention.

G.  Audit:  This committee shall be appointed by the LCRCC Chairman each December.  An audit of the books shall occur each year.  An audit is an in-depth look at a large sampling or all of the transactions to see that the Treasurer has recorded them properly and the proper documentation is attached.  The committee chair will select one member to assist with the field work.  After the audit field work is completed, but before the results are communicated to the Central Committee, the Audit Committee will meet with the Treasurer to resolve any issues and/or correct any errors identified in the field work. The Audit Committee chairman will write up the Summary Report and present it to the Central Committee at the March meeting.  The Summary Report shall include the Audit Report and Recommendations by the Audit Committee. 


SECTION I.  Amendment by County Convention  

These bylaws may be amended by the Lyon County Republican Convention by a majority vote of the delegates present. 

SECTION II.  Amendment by LCRCC 

The Bylaws Committee must meet at least once in the calendar year preceding a county convention for the purpose of proposing revisions, if any, to the current bylaws.  The committee’s report must be placed on the agenda for discussion at a regular meeting of the LCRCC.  The LCRCC may consider any amendments or new subject matter proposed from the floor and submitted in writing to the Bylaws Committee.  The Bylaws Committee shall incorporate such amendments or new subject matter into its report, which must then be voted upon with no further amendment at the succeeding LCRCC meeting.  

Section III.  Actions that do not directly support the specific objectives elaborated in Article 2 Section II of these bylaws are not within the purview of the LCRCC. 


Section I.  The LCRCC may, on a case-by-case basis, endorse a candidate who has made a formal request for such endorsement subject to the following criteria: 

A.    The candidate must be a registered Republican and

B.     The candidate must receive, by secret ballot, a 75% or greater majority vote of the LCRCC voting members present. 


SECTION I.   The foregoing bylaws have been read, approved and adopted by the LCRCC at its regular, duly called meeting of December 7, 2013.  Said bylaws supersede any bylaws that were in existence prior to said meeting.


Signed  _/s/ Peggy Gray___________________                ____s/sTerry Bunkowski______________

                               Chairman                                                                        Secretary

 DATED at Yerington, Nevada, this 1st day of March 2014


Funds are to be distributed to the candidates who best meet the majority of the criteria. 

  1. Two or more years as a registered Republican unless the candidate has been bound by professional canons of ethics. 

  1. One year as a member of the Lyon County Republican Central Committee. 

  1. Active participant in central committee fund raising and other activities, as well as supporting and/or contributing to the community and promoting the Republican Party. 

  1. Lives and/ or works in Lyon County. 

  1. Current or past unpaid participant in or on national, state or local boards, commissions, committees, etc.

  1. Must be a viable candidate with a reasonable chance of winning election. 

Candidates must apply for a campaign contribution in writing by the date established by the Finance Committee.  The Finance Committee may make application on behalf of judicial candidates. 

Funds will be distributed at a meeting of the LCRCC to be held after the primary and in the amounts as recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by the membership. 

No funds will be distributed to any candidates for national office or who are unopposed. 

      Funds will be distributed as follows: 

       State Senate/Assembly                           up to 60% of budgeted LCRCC funds

       County/Multi-jurisdictional offices        no less than 40% of budgeted LCRCC funds